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the crab | 22 | tx
am i a man? or am i a muppet?
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luxe, imayoshi shouichi/mibuchi reo

words: 5,738 [ao3]

warnings: nsfw, lingerie, handjobs, anal sex, sex toys, vibrators, blowjobs, riding, anal fingering

a/n: trade piece for rubytentacles, who drew this amazing art for us! this fic is a joint creation between me and squiduardo (i_knew_you_were_trouble.mp3……….) our sincere apologies that our end of the bargain was so late - we hope length and quality will make up for the unacceptably long wait time. we had a ton of fun writing this, and we would definitely be up for another trade if you are, alq!!


The light is dim in Reo’s apartment when Imayoshi lets himself in (at Reo’s permission). Most of the light seems to be coming from the table, where Reo appears to have lit a few candles. Ah, and there he is – Reo turns his head to look at Imayoshi, and smiles.

“Hello,” Imayoshi calls as he slips off his shoes.

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